Flights can be expensive, especially if you leave it to the last minute to get them booked, but there are a few ways that you can save money if you get smart. Here are just some of the best tips to save money on flights for your big trip next year.

Comparison Sites

If you’re not already making use of flight comparison sites, then you should be (popular comparison sites include Skyscanner, Kayak and Momondo).

While going direct to the airline is a lot more expensive, using a comparison site allows you to search a wide range of airlines and brokers to ensure that you’re getting the very cheapest price on your route.

These sites often have options which allow you to be more flexible (for example, Skyscanner lets you pick ‘anywhere’ as a destination), and making use of these will help you to save even more.

Book A Hotel Too

Once you’ve found a broker using a comparison site, be sure to check whether they offer special deals if you book your accommodation through them too.

It’s important to be careful here though because booking separately can still work out cheaper in some situations.

You could also find yourself in trouble if either your flight or hotel booking get cancelled and you booked them both at the same time, so be sure to read this guide from on your holiday rights too.

Time It Right

It goes without saying that timing can influence air fares considerably, but it seems like everyone has their own theories on exactly when is the best time to book.

Generally speaking, it’s best to book earlier rather than later, but generally, the best time to book is around two months before your flight.

While this is a good guideline, it does vary by airline and destination, so consider using Skyscanner’s tool which tells you the best time to book on your route.

Charter Flights

According to flight booking experts Globehunters, one option which people tend to not know about is booking a charter flight. These flights are put on by package holiday companies and so they generally only cover the traditionally popular holiday destinations, but they often sell off unbooked seats fairly cheap.

In fact, package holidays in general get overlooked these days, as people move toward the internet to try and get the cheapest deal themselves, but they’re definitely still worth looking into if you’re going to a traditional package destination.

Indirect Flights

Indirect flights can sometimes be a hassle, but they can also be a lot cheaper than direct routes.

If a connecting flight only has a couple of hours’ layover, then it might be worth considering, especially as you could wind up saving hundreds of pounds.

Generally speaking, the bigger savings will be on longer flights, although of course, this could also mean a longer layover.

Loyalty Schemes

While you can obviously earn great rewards using frequent flyer schemes if you fly regularly, did you know that you can actually earn points with many of them just by spending on their credit cards or by shopping in certain places?

For example, did you know that Tesco Clubcard vouchers can be converted into Avios points?

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