Incredibly picturesque place.

Shiny modern shopping malls – this may be practical, but in large quantities – is immeasurably boring! Choose the best place in the world for custom shopping.


Семь рынков, ради которых стоит отправиться в путешествие. Фото

1. The Market Of Khan-El-Khalili, Cairo

The biggest market of Africa! Its bustling shopping arcades that stretch along the ancient cobbled streets, give tourists a very clear idea of what was Cairo hundreds of years ago: it did not touch local atmosphere. Here one hundred percent activated sense of smell (the aroma of spices, aromatic oils, leather and roasted meat envelops the streets on the outskirts of the market), auditory (the roar Arabic speech, pererugivanie traders and lingering prayers from nearby mosques) and of course, vision. Best places to buy typical Egyptian Souvenirs and are not to be found: stalls crammed with bundles of papyrus, glass Handicrafts, essential oils, wooden figurines. The market is open until late at night – enough time to negotiate for the right product even the most stubborn merchant.

Семь рынков, ради которых стоит отправиться в путешествие. Фото

2. Portobello Market, London

On a London street Portobello road trade boils for more than 300 years. Still long before appeared in the world the guidebooks and glossy magazines, this market was famous as the place where you can buy all sorts of second-hand goods and stylish Antiques. If vintage sideboard or our great grandfather clock you do not really care, then visit the market is in any case – for example, to listen to the street performers, take pictures of designated merchants-rastamanov, or relax in the local pubs. Tourists who happened to visit Portobello, in a voice say: this place is literally vibrating with a special energy!

Семь рынков, ради которых стоит отправиться в путешествие. Фото

3. Flea market of Saint-Ouen, Paris

Speaking of flea markets, just a sin not to mention the Paris market marché aux Puces, which literally translates as “Market of fleas”. It is a place of worship gave its name to similar markets around the world. Once there, in the North of Paris, was just 12 markets, which are growing and in the end merged into one. Now a daily there are about three thousand stalls and shops. Old buttons, used teapots, vintage and modern clothing, furniture… And remember: the better you speak French, the better price you could get!

Семь рынков, ради которых стоит отправиться в путешествие. Фото

4. El Rastro, Madrid

If, while in Madrid, you suddenly want to acquire designer sunglasses, but your budget will be singing songs, then head to the Sunday market El Rastro: here you will find a lot of very believable counterfeit. In addition to the pseudo-designer accessories and clothing, local stalls crammed with products imported straight from India and Morocco, as well as Antiques. Examine them carefully to the prices and watch your pockets – in this case successful shopping will be provided to you.

Семь рынков, ради которых стоит отправиться в путешествие. Фото

5. Night market in Arpora, Goa

This market takes place on the streets of Arpora every Saturday. Indian spices, teas, traditional clothes, carpets, cashmere shawls and silverware mingle with the products of designers and artists who come here from all over the world to sell their stunning pieces to local tourists. This market is place not only for shopping but also for parties: the local aborigines in the face of overgrown hippies, artists, yogis and relaxed weekly come here to sway between the row of stalls to the music of trance and dance at the main stage accompanied by live ethnic music.

Семь рынков, ради которых стоит отправиться в путешествие. Фото

6. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Not so often, the market becomes a national landmark! The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is the oldest and largest covered market in the world, 3 thousand shops which are located along 61st street. A real city within the city, whose history is rooted in the days of the Byzantine Empire. Its structure is very chaotic: the market is a confusing maze of stalls and shops, among which are very easy to get lost. Here you can easily find anything you want – except way out on the Istanbul streets. The local kids even have their business here: for a small fee they help hapless tourists to Wade through the shopping arcade to the right place.

Семь рынков, ради которых стоит отправиться в путешествие. Фото

7. Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok

One of the largest markets in the world and a Paradise for shopaholics! In fact, all that can be bought in Thailand at fairs, in souvenir shops and designer shops, is sold at Chatuchak: clothing at ridiculous prices, colored lights, indoor plants, handmade cosmetics… Only on weekends here is broken more than 8 thousand shelves, so including Chatuchak in the program of exploring Bangkok, you should take him at least three hours.

Let’s have fun! (??)

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